PSO-1 telescopic sight

Item     Nr.:        1069
Brand   :             NPZ Optics State Plant Novosibirsk
Model      :          PSO-1

The Soviet PSO-1 telescopic sight was at the time of its introduction (around 1964), the most technically advanced telescopic sight ever designed for a mass-production designated marksman or sniper rifle. The PSO-1 telescopic sight is manufactured in Russia by the Novosibirsk instrument-making factory (NPZ Optics State Plant) and is issued with the Russian military SVD or Dragunov rifle.
The PSO-1 was specifically designed for the SVD as a telescopic sight for military designated marksman activities. The current version of the sight is the PSO-1M2. This telescopic sight is different from the original PSO-1 only in that it lacks the Infra-Red detector. The metal body of the PSO-1 is made from a magnesium alloy. The PSO-1 features a battery powered red illuminated reticle with light provided by a simple diode bulb.

Magnification: 4x
Field of view: 6°
Eye relief: 80 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 375 x 70 x 132 mm

Produced and used from a lot of east and Warsaw Pact armies
Romania – LPS 4×6° TIP2 telescopic sight made by I.O.R.
China – Type JJJ telescopic sight
Belarus – PSOP telescopic sight
Serbia – ZRAK M-76 4x 5°10’ / ZRAK ON-M76 telescopic sight
East Germany – PSO telescopic sight
North Korea – Type 78 telescopic sight


This PSO1 is a very special collectible and rare one because is part of the first period production as you can see from the inscription on the front rail mount it was done during the third  year of production of the SVD rifles .
It is in excellent to new condition an it is supplied with the original soft cover.