FN SAFN (FN49) OIP 4x Telescope

Item     Nr.:        1072
Brand  :              O.I.P.Belgio
Model      :          V5-0S 784-010B.G.

Genuine FN SAFN  OIP 4x scope marked  A.B.L.- 1952 TIR.EL.TELESC.SCHERPSCH  V5-0S 784-010B.G. (that is the scope with the second contract number “V5-0S 784-010B.G.”

At least 1100 of these scopes were made, perhaps a few hundred more. Production dates were 1951, 1952, and 1953 (no scopes from 1954 have yet been observed).
It comes with the correct type Echo scope rings/mount as well as the scope base which attaches to the scope groove on the side of the rifle, rubber eyepiece and leather lens covers .

The scope and Echo mounts are all original and in great shape. The scopes show little use, however the optics are clear and the elevation and windage adjustments are in proper working order.