FN FAL OIP 3.6x Telescope

Item     Nr.:        1071
Brand  :              O.I.P.Belgio
Model      :          2112F – Telescope FAL


Genuine seldom seen FN FAL OIP 3.6x scope marked  A.B.L.- 1958 TELESCOPE FAL with original mount. OIP sniper scopes were used on the Belgian FAL sniper rifles.

This is a very collectable item.
Complete of issued metal case with web belt loop,  leather lens covers and both tools for adjusting reticule and tightening scope ring.


Scope has 308 BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) graduated 100-800m. Traditional European post & crosshair sniper redicle. In  excellent and ready to convert a FAL or SLR into a sniper rifle.

Included Rubber Eyepiece (not shown )