1P29 Daylight Sight

Item   Nr.:        1070
Brand :            NPZ Optics State Plant Novosibirsk
Model     :         1P29

The 1P29 daylight sight is a small lightweight optic similiar to the British Trilux and  it is intended for use with former Soviet and current Russian Federation small arms fitted with the standard Russian interface bracket fitted to the left-hand rear of the receiver.1p29-dx-copia

Principal weapon types on which the 1P29 daylight sight is mounted are the AK-74assault rifle, RPK-74 light machine gun and PKM general-purpose machine gun.


This optics is very clear. The BDC scale when looking thru the scope is very unique for a trilux.

Here is an opportunity for someone to put on of these rare russian scopes on a AK-74.
This 1P29 scope is brand new, never mounted, rubber eyecup, carrying case, oldstyle russian cleaning paper, adjusting tool, 2 cams.

1p29-sopra-copiaMagnification: 4x
Field of view: 8°
Eye relief: 35 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 203 x 80,5 x 178 mm