Carl Gustafs M7 sniper SPF (Singapore Police Force)

Item Nr.            1001
Brand:                CARL GUSTAFS
Model:                M7 SPF
Caliber:            .308 Winchester



In 1963, the FFV (Förenade Fabriksverken, the group of Swedish defense industries, which had absorbed the military arsenals) introduced on the market a new match rifle, building at the Carl Gustafs Stads using military actions (for the most part, shares of carbine Model 94 and Model 96 rifle, with a minority of shares in 38 model manufactured by Husqvarna). The Model 63 rifle was primarily intended for civil market, the Swedish army, in any case, bought several pieces, manufactured according to specific indications, and named “M 6″ (in caliber 6.5 in X55) and “M 7″ (in caliber 7.62 NATO).



During the mid-sixties the M7 version (in caliber 7.62 NATO) was tested also by the police forces of the State of Singapore “SPF (Singapore Police Force) who commissioned about 70 pieces with special lateral scope mount and OIP telescope 3.6 x (the same telescope used in the Fal) and equipped with original 225 grams match sling.



This sniper is part of this small committee is therefore quite rare.
As is well visible in the photos is in excellent condition, perfectly shining barrel with excellent rifling.


Available with original bag, strap and cleaning kit. spf-52