Peruvian Mauser Model 1909

Item       Nr.:        1052
Brand  :               Waffenfabrik Mauser
Model   :              1909
Caliber:               7,65×53

Between 1910 and 1914 Peru purchased approximately fifty thousand Model 1909 rifles from Waffenfabrik Mauser. The rifle is basically the export version of the Gew 98 Rifle with the “Lange” rear sight but with some differences and was adopted to supplement the Model 1891.  It was produced by Mauser and marked “Original Mauser”.


Among the differences from the Gewehr 98 are the long cocking piece and the small barrel shank of the M1891 pattern (this is because Peru specified that barrels be interchangeable with the small diameter receiver ring of the Modelo 1891 Mauser and the standard large ring diameter of the Modelo 1909.  These rifles were designed to fire the new, improved spitzer bullet in the 7.65x53mm case.


These rifles were beautifully finished but are rarely found in original condition.
Top of the highly polished large-ring receiver is marked with “REPUBLICA DEL PERU” and the Peruvian crest. Also marked “Mauser Original”.

mauser-banner-copia1Rear right side of the walnut stock is marked with a large Mauser banner and the bottom of the pistol grip is marked “MW”. There are several small Peruvian acceptance proofs on the lower stock.
All matching numbers and mint over all condition with 100% of the original deep blue finish remaining. Mirror bore. Receiver and trigger guard do not show scratches and dings. Stock is in excellent like new condition with minor handling marks. It has never been sanded or refinished.
Outstanding example of a VERY desirable hard to find rifle.