Model 1897 Swiss Cadet Rifle

Item     Nr.:        1074
Brand   :             Eidgenoessische Waffenfabrik, Berna
Model      :          KG-97 (Kadettengewehr Modell 1897)
Caliber:              7,5x53mm GP-90 (Gewehr Patrone) o KP (Kadett Patrone)

The Kadettengewehr was adopted on July 27, 1898, after trials with guns derived from the Mannlicher cavalry carbine and the Schmidt-system rifles.


The single-shot M1897 Cadet Rifles fired a cartridge who with a powder charge that had been reduced by approximately 10% for the smaller stature cadets.  The reduced load produced a muzzle velocity of approximately 1670fps, as compared to the standard round which produced a muzzle velocity of approximately 1900fps.  In order to accommodate both standard GP90 ammunition and the cadet round, it had a special quadrant sight with differing sets of gradations for the Ordonnanzpatrone (to 1200 meters on the left side) or the reduced-charge Kadetten-Patrone (to 400 meters on the right).

In addition to standard guns, about 40 sub-caliber trainers were also made.
Manufactured 1898-1927 at Eidgenoessische Waffenfabrik, Bern.
Total production: 7900 pieces


This rifle is a  nice example of a scarce carbine, Blue 95%, Bore excellent, Wood is fine with a light of handling marks. The serial nr 23xx denote the first year of production