M1917 U.S.

Item       Nr.:        1059
Brand  :               Eddystone/Remington
Model   :              M1917 U.S.
Caliber:               .30-06

m1917-eddystone-intero-copiaThe U.S M1917 rifle,  (frequently misidentified or mislabeled as the “P17″, “P1917″, or “Pattern 1917″), formally named “United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917″ is an American modification and production of the British .303 caliber P14 rifle developed and manufactured during the period 1917-1918.

m1917-eddystone-lat-dx-copiaWhen the U.S. entered the war, it had a similar extreme need for rifles as the UK. Rather than re-tool completely, the factories, under the close supervision of the US Army Ordnance Department, altered the design for caliber .30-06.


Winchester produced the rifle at their New Haven, Connecticut plant and Remington at their main facility at Ilion, New York and at another plant in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. The M1917 Bayonet was also produced and used on several other small arms.

Winchester produced 545,511 rifles; Remington about 545,541 and Eddystone 1,181,908.

This is a beautiful M1917 Rifle Cal. .30-06. Eddystone production with the receiver, barrel, bolt and all main parts “E” marked.
The stock also is “E” marked and has an eagle over a number stamped near the pistol grip and in front of the magazine. In really nice shape, as is the rest of the rifle and show the original finish and markings.
The rifle retains the 95% of its original metal finish; the barrel is also Eddystone made and bears the “E” flaming bomb and date 11-18. The bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling and no spots or pitting.