Husqvarna m96 Swedish Mauser

Item    Nr.:        1077
Model     :          M/96
Caliber:               6,5×55

In the early 40 Sweden modified the production of its small arms and strive for a semi-automatic rifle (which later became AG42). The production of this rifle was slow enough to where the Carl Gustaf sent all the machinery to Husqvarna Factory (which was a private company) to produce 60,000 Model 38 (Type II).


During the same period the Husqvarna was put under contract by the Swedish state to produce about 18,000 Model 1996 rifles for the local Frivilliga skytterörelsen (FSR) “Shooters Association of Volunteers. “
They had the same specifications as the model 96 military and were partially funded by the Swedish State, were sold to members of the Association (FSR)
below cost (200 crowns) to the condition that in the event of total mobilization, they would have to resell them  to the State.


These rifles have a good reputation for accuracy, and it is said that Husqvarna has refused the offer of barrels by the Carl Gustaf because the tolerances were not sufficient to meet the standard of their production.



Around 5000 of these guns used the new sight m/43 with 50 m interval from 100 to 600 meters and 100 meters step from 600 to 800 meters. Sight leaf was printed 1“, “2, “3, “4, “5, 6 and “8 on the left, with lines for 50 meters and a 7 “ in right side.


About 12,000 have the sight AGJ-made by AG Johanssons Metallfabrik AB in Västerås. The sights AGJ is marked SM sikte AGJ-ram and is very similar to that which will be later used on the m/41 sniper SM sikte m/55.


This rifle is considered quite rare because it has never been in military stocks, and then the most came from the civilian market.
This in particular is in mint condition and retaining 100% of its original finish. Built in 1944 has the serial 699xxx and is absolutely matching #. Inspection SS mark under the sight leaf  SM sikte AGJ-ram and the stock do not have the classic brass disk because it has never been treated by the Army