Garand M1D sniper rifle USA

Item      Nr.:     1016
Brand:                SPRINGFIELD ARMORY
Model :              M1D
Caliber:              30-06


 The M1C rifle was adopted as the standard M1 Sniper Rifle on the 27th of July 1944. The long process for to apply the Griffin and Howe system delayed production (along with slow delivery of telescopic sights) so that essentially no significant number of M1Cs were delivered for combat service during W.W.II and virtually no M1Ds were produced for distribution during W.W.II, but were converted from service rifles in the early 1950s for use in the “Korean Unpleasantness”. To add credence to this, all Springfield Armory records list the M1Ds as “rebuilds” with the last rifle “rebuild” supposedly taking place during June of 1953. 2-laterale-sx-copia2The total number of M1Ds built is said to have been 28,240 as opposed to a supposed total production of the M1Cs of 7,981. 3-lato-dx-copia
While the original Telescopic Sight approved for both the “Cs” and “Ds” was the M82, things were simply overcome by events and later technological developments. Most (if not all) the weapons now seen are fitted with the later M84 scope, although an occasional M82 does surface.
This GARAND M1D is in excellent mechanical and aesthetic  conditions and comes with the following accessories: original M84 scope and mount ,scope case, leather cheekpiece, sling  and Removable T37 prong-type flash suppressor .