98/29 Persian Mauser

Item      Nr.:        1049
Brand   :               Zbrojovka Brno (Fabbrica Armi BRNO)
Model  :              98/29
Caliber:               7,92x57mm  – 8mm Mauser

98-29-persiano-intero2Persian Mauser M98/29  (Persian Model 1310)  Caliber 8mm Mauser  manufactured by BRNO Arms Factory (Zbrojovka Brno), Czechoslovakia in the 30’s  (this Persian order, which was filled from 1931 through 1938 was not completed because the takeover of Czechoslovakia by Germany).


This rifle was issued as the standard weapon of the Persian Army and was acclaimed for its accuracy. Sights: Front, Inverted V with sideguards. Rear, V notch adjustable in the elevation from 100 to 2000 meters. There Rifles were also used by the Persian Palace Guards for ceremonial activities.

The high quality of the Persian Mauser has made it the epitome of pre-WW2 rifle design — this rifle exemplifies the lost art of rifle craftsmanship.
I bought this rifle15 years back as unissued and it sure looks it. Very few and slight handling marks on stock, bluing is awesome deep blue and retains 100% of it’s original finishing. All matching serial numbers and mint bore with sharp like new rifling.