1909 Argentine Mauser

Item     Nr.:        1045
Brand  :               DWM – Berlin
Model  :              1909
Caliber:                7,65×53 Mauser, 7.65 Belgian Mauser,7.65 Mauser


In 1909, Argentina adopted the Modelo (model) 1909  to replace their 1891 model rifles and carbines.


The new rifles and carbines were based upon the 98 Mauser rifle design and chambered in the Belgian 7.65×53 Mauser cartridge.

To many collectors, this superbly made bolt-action military rifle represents the crown jewel of all Model 98 variants and is a collector’s dream when found in “as issued” condition (since they never saw combat, and only suffered minor handling dings and bruises)

This rifle came here in untouched excellent condition (Matching number also the muzzle- cover)