1904 Portuguese Mauser

Item     Nr.:        1046
Brand   :               DWM
Model  :              1904
Caliber:                6,5x58P mm


The Portouguese Model 1904 is a bolt action rifle, designed in 1904 by José A. Vergueiro, an infantry officer of the Portuguese Army in conjunction with the designers at DWM. It was developed from the Mauser 98 rifle with the introduction of a new bolt system.

Outside Portugal, the weapon was also known as the Mauser-Vergueiro. It used the 6.5x58mm Vergueiro, a cartridge developed specially for it.
In Portuguese service the weapon was officially designated Espingarda Potugueza 6,5  Mod.1904 (“Rifle 6.5mm m/1904″).

In 1939, already after the Portuguese Army had adopted (1930) the 7.92x57mm Mauser 98k,(Model 937-A )  the most parts of this rifles were converted to more closely conform for the configuration of that rifle and for that type of the ammunition. This version was called Espingarda 8 mm m/1904/39.

For this reason, to find a rifle in original pristine condition and caliber like this one  is very difficult.
This rifle is in excellent ++ overall condition retaining 100% of its original blue and the numbers are all matching except for the bolt .