1903A4 Sniper Rifle USA

Item Nr.: 1015
Brand:            REMINGTON ARMS
Model:            1903A4
:           30-06


The sniper rifle was made standard on 14 January 1943. According to Springfield Armory records, on 18 January 1943 Remington Arms was directed to divert from production 20,000 M1903A3 rifles for conversion to the U.S. Rifle M1903A4. Rifles #3407088-3427087 from the first “block” of numbers were diverted, and the first “03-A3″ converted was delivered in February 1943.


On 20 June 1943 an additional 8,365 M1909A4 rifles were ordered. The number block for these rifles and possible future orders was 4000001-4150000. But 03-A3 production (of over 3000 rifles per day) seems to have run into this serial number block, with the result that using these numbers for A4 rifles resulted in duplicate number and the necessity of prefixing the A4’s numbers with a “ Z” from  Z4000000 to Z4002920, when the  production of the M1903A4 was ended a total of 29,964 M-1903A4 rifles were produced.

This Remington 1903 A4 is one of these 2290 rifles part of this second block with a prefix”Z ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Serial Nr z4000xx4, in .30-06 caliber., parkerized finish and Walnut Stock. This is the famous sniper rifle used by all US forces during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The top of the receiver has the correct off-set markings – “US/REMINGTON/MODEL 03A3 on the left side with the serial number on the right. laterale-sx-copia
The barrel is marked ”RA/Flaming bomb/9-43″. The left side of the wrist is marked with “RA, and the crossed cannon ordnance cartouche/FJA” There are many sub inspectors proof marks infront of the trigger guard/ magazine floor plate area and the circled “P” proof on the front of the grip. The original one piece scope base is by, and marked “REDFIELD”. On this is mounted the TELESCOPE M73B1  2.5x power scope that has been marked with electric pencil on the right side  serial number “25443. Two groove strong rifled barrel