German Paratruper/Luftwaffe WWII Gravity Knife

Item    Nr.:        1080
Brand    :           SMF Solingen
Model     :          Flieger Kappmesser


Once he hits the ground, though, the paratrooper becomes one more infantryman, one who has to get free of a cumbersome parachute. The possibility of becoming entangled in the shroud lines is a very real one, as is the likelihood of injuring an arm or having it ensnared in the lines.


The German Luftwaffe, to which the Fallschirmjaeger or paratroops belonged, developed a special pocket knife which could be opened or closed with one hand to meet this contingency.


The Flieger-Kappmesser, as it was designated, features a sliding blade inside a metal frame. To release the blade, a crescent shaped lever is rotated 100 degrees and pressed downward. Gravity or a flip of the wrist will drop the blade and lock it into position. To close the knife, simply hold it upright and press the lever. The blade will fall back into the handle. Rotate the lever back to its closed position and the knife is secure against accidental opening.


Both blue and nickel versions exist, as well as fixed (1°type) and  take-down variants which can be disassembled for cleaning and repair (2°type)

The Gravity have many makers and here a some of them listed below:

SMF Solingen
ANTON WINGEN Jr Solingen /gyq
ALCOSO  fnj Alexander Coppel, Solingen
WKC Solingen
F&A Helbig  Steinbach

The knife shown here is simply an exceptional and rare example of a German paratrooper gravity knife of WWII, second type, and then can be dismantled  and in nothing less of excellent conditions
The wooden handle is perfect light brown without the slightest sign of wear.
The two wooden panels are held in position by four steel rivets. The ring for the strap in the back part of knife is completely intact and undamaged. The removable guard retains 90% of its original finish and an arrow indicating the direction of  assembling is impressed on it.The backstrap is absolutely intact and houses the spring to the spike “untie ropes.”


The same spike is fully intact and is fully functional and contains the punch near the junction of the Luftwaffe “Luftamt 5”. The blade has its original splendor factory polished for its entire length and shows the mark made by the figure of a king sitting on the SMF mark with a sword in his hand pointing up. The blade moves in and out smoothly and locks securely in the extended position. The button to dismantle the knife  is fully functional, and then the knife will can be dismantled easily.
All pieces are marked with the serial number 799 and then the knife is matching #.


PRICE      Euro   650,00