For those who stumbled on this site, I should have to make a presentation.
I am interested for many years to collecting weapons mainly of military or historical interest with metal cases, even if I love also modern weapons for precision shooting.
Having recently reduced my ability to go around the world to make new purchases, I decided on the contrary to sell those accumulated in so long time.

Because the web sites dedicated to this topics are generally  made in a very commercial way and then without giving importance to images and descriptions of the objects, precluding the customers to see or understand the true quality of the object, I intended to achieve in this site a showcase of selected objects, or giving to the visitors an accurate description and pictures of what it is proposed.

I talked about my project to some of my fellow collectors, who I met during this long period, and they have shown interest to sell some of their pieces, showing them in  this site.

For those interested in this showcase, or to purchase items, should refer to the FAQ menu consultation where they can find answers to most of their questions.

If not find answers please make the request through the appropriate tab in the menu CONTACTS.